by Marigolding

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released March 30, 2017

Songs by Ryan Kershaw

Ryan Kershaw - Guitar/Vox/Percussion
Nick Pope - Drums
Zack Trahan - Bass
Mateus Falci - Keyboards
Laura Wolf Schatz - Cello

Additional vocals on Something Sweet by Henry Hoagland and Skylar Sarkis

Released with the love and support of Odd Gift Records (
Engineered by Kyle Joseph at Northfire Recording in Amherst, MA
Mixed by Kyle Joseph at Perimeter Recording Co. in Brooklyn,
NY (
Produced by Ryan Kershaw and Kyle Joseph
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe in Philadelphia, PA (



all rights reserved


Marigolding New York

Big and pretty and happier than it sounds.

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Track Name: Missteps
I miss it all and it's not even gone.
Some preoccupation with living on and on.
I just want to watch you water
whatever the flowers are in the side yard.

One misstep and I could be on a bus,
streaming away past blurred cars.
Soon enough I'm changing my name,
going by Churchgrove now.

I want it all or just enough to hold.
Some predestination -- you never choose your own.
You don't wanna watch me wonder
what could've been and never was.

One off day and I'm gonna catch a train.
Half way get to thinking of what I know you'd say:
You don't have to do the damn thing
if it's not what you wanna do.
Track Name: Onward
A search for sweeter water
kept me forging onward.
Turned up nothing good.

My father taught me better
than withering in cold weather
and souring in the sun.

I know now that
should something go wrong,
I can always go home.

Standing in the garden.
Sun up in the morning.
Underside of stones.

I know now that
should something go wrong,
I can't always go home.
Track Name: Something Sweet
Well I would love to lay it out.
But I can only twist these sounds,
if only 'cause we're sicker all the time.

When I don't say what I most mean,
I move ideas to keep me clean.
It's wasteful and it seems to do the job.

These bugs get drunk on my blood easy.
'Cause running through me is always something sweet.
They love me.

I wait on you to call me out.
The only way that I know how
to kick the sluggish pace I choose to change.

I feel around for old footholes.
A vice, a joke, a watch-my-tone.
I'm glad you asked, I'll show you where to go.

These bugs get drunk on my blood easy.
'Cause running through me is always something sweet.
They love me.

Yeah, they love me.
Track Name: Well Traveled
Gone and went hoping--
A fragile kind of fantasy.
My mind's real well traveled.
It's all the same to me.
But I know better
than gnawing off my own leg.
I've never been that hungry.
I can't help but wait.

But this is a life.
I smile once again and laugh
on this crowded train.

So much choking,
the air in here is fucking rough.
But I won't stop breathing.
There's oxygen enough.
And the less I'm speaking,
the better I can bat around
the flies in my bedroom,
the mice on the ground.

But this is a life.
It's beat me down again
and I can't smile and wave.
I got wrong.
I taste it all and spit some up.
It's not all the same.
Track Name: An Ending
How could I lie?
You can wield an ending
like a scythe.
Picture us both alive and well
and scared to hell.

Once in a while
I would wake up late
by myself.
What a fine way
to find out I'm fine
being alone.

And I could weigh it out.
But you know it all depends
on strength.
My left and my right
everything feels the same.

All through the night
driving around with you
in my mind.
We never go anywhere
we just idle and change.

Why would I watch
everything we ought
to be depart?
We're just scared, love.
We're just wasting time.